"After all this time—all these years—you and I have history. I know what you think of me. You think I’m just a doll. A doll that’s pink and light. A doll you can arrange any way you like. You’re wrong. Very wrong. What you think of me is only a ghost of time. I am dangerous. And I will show you just how dark I can be.”

FAKE FILM MEME » Gotham City Sirens, an action drama set in Gotham surrounding the lives of Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.

Ruth Negga as SELINA KYLE

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Saturday, 30th of August
Saturday, 30th of August


girls fighting evil: the girl turning into a demon

(she can feel the shift inside of her.)

Saturday, 30th of August


If I never had to use my hands again, I would happily wear these beautiful filigree nail rings without giving a single fuck if anyone decided to think less of me for being “effeminate.”

Those with less hands-on lifestyles can find them for sale in JekyllHydeJewellery’s etsy store in a variety of metal colours, priced at $18 to $38 for a set of five.

Saturday, 30th of August
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My arrogance knows no bounds
And I will make no peace today
And you shall be so lucky
To find a woman like me

Today neither will the East claim me
nor the West admit me
Today my belly is a well
wherein serpents are coiled
ready to poison the world,
and you should be so lucky.

All I have is my arrogamce
I will teach it to lean back
and smoke a cigarette in your faces,
and you should be so lucky

No I will make no peace
even though my hands are empty
I will talk as big as I please
I will be all or nothing
And I will jump before the heavy trucks
And I will saw off my leg at the thigh
before I bend one womanly knee

I am poison
And you will drink me
And you should be so lucky.


Ishtar Awakens in Chicago by Mohja Kahf (via sheer-powder)

That Jenny Holzer projection has really stuck with me so I googled a bit and found the poem from which it is excerpted and I think it’s important to know the context, which is totally removed from that photograph. 

(via emes)

Saturday, 30th of August


something i think about a lot is what if alien species have less biodiversity on their planets. like if they’ve got maybe 20, 25 species of bugs, total. so they come to earth and they’re like “whoa.” or they’ll like be like walking down the street and they’re like “ok what’s that” pointing at a st bernard and you’re like “oh that’s a dog” and they’re like “whoa, neat, i’ve heard about dogs.” 

and you walk for a while longer and then they point at a yorkie and they’re like “what’s that?” and you kind of have to be like “…that. that’s also a dog.” and they’re like “wait, really?” and you’re like “yeah.” and it takes them a while to absorb this but then you just keep walking.

and like you’re going for a while and somebody’s walking their bull terrier and you’re like trying to walk faster hoping your alien friend doesn’t see but no dice they’re like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT and you’re like “that. that is a dog” and they let out an anguished wail

and like every time after that they see a weird four legged creature they’re like “that BETTER not be a goddamn dog” and half the time you gotta wince and be like “actually,” 

Friday, 29th of August


Alternatives to Steampunk

Friday, 29th of August



Friday, 29th of August


Artemisia Absinthium by Lara Kiosses

Friday, 29th of August
Friday, 29th of August