Wednesday, 15th of October
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Sorry that the team’s losing, Simon. 

Cracks me up, he totally gets bent out of shape when the team we’re rooting for isn’t winning because everyone concentrates on the game and not throwing the football for Simon. XD 

Saturday, 20th of September
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Wednesday, 3rd of September
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Wednesday, 3rd of September


corgi launch (x)

Sunday, 31st of August
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Friday, 22nd of August
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Today the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship shows us a real life example of The Fox and the Hound currently taking place in a forest in Norway. Sniffer the wild fox and Tinni the domestic dog first met by chance while Tinni was out for a walk with his human, photographer Torgeir Berge. The unlikely pair became fast friends and now Torgeir photographs their heartwarming daily encounters. Sniffer and Tinni frolic in their secluded woodland playground until they’ve tired each other out, at which point they settle down and relax together.

The tender and playful relationship between the two is captured in these photos and Berge was so inspired by it that he decided to release a book chronicling the canine duo called The Fox and the Dog which will feature fairytales based on their friendship.

More so, Berge noted how similar his dog and Sniffer were and his thoughts on Norway’s controversial fox-fur trade changed so much that he is now campaigning to have it banned. Berge observed ‘how similar foxes and dogs actually are’ and labels the fox, the ‘dog of the forest’.

Berge will donate a large portion of the proceeds from the book to help his conservation and anti-fur trade campaign.

In addition to their book, Sniffer and Tinni also have their own Facebook page where you can follow their ongoing adventures.


Thursday, 21st of August
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Silken Windhound by Allagant Silkens

look at this fucking dog. it’s like it knows how good it looks. even that name, damn! silken windhound. that’s the name of something you’d see in a miyazaki film, if miyazaki suddenly got funded by prada. the totoro wears prada

i think i’ve gotten off point here. what i’m trying to say is look at this fucking dog.

Monday, 18th of August
Tuesday, 12th of August


After reading that dogs lick the mouths of whomever they feel is in charge, I just feel like this dog is thinking “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS MUCH RESPONSIBILITY.”

Monday, 11th of August